Building Proposal

“Future Building and Home of Liberty Baptist Church”
Van Wert, OH
Why Build?
  • Building in dire need of repairs
  • Growing ministries
  • Insufficient parking
  • Outdated facilities
  • Overcrowded classrooms
  • Run down building
  • Small unhandicapped bathroom
Present Church Building
Growing Ministries Offered at Liberty
  • Awana Clubs for Kids
  • Camps and Retreats
  • Discipleship for All Ages
  • Faith Bible Institute (FBI)
  • Kids 4 Truth
  • Ladies Bible Fellowship (LBF)
  • Men Under Grace (MUG)
  • Proteen Ministries
  • Radio Ministry
  • Reformers Unanimous Addictions Program (RUI)
  • World Missions Outreach
Pastor and Fred
“For over 12yrs. now, Liberty has been meeting in an old brick building. It was a wonderful building to meet the needs of the 1940’s and 1950’s, but is very out dated today. We only “get by”, by using the parking lot of the YWCA, and also occasionally renting a room at the YWCA for Sunday School.
The prices for building churches has sky rocketed, and we are asking you to please pray for miracle gifts for our church to be able to finance the building of a brand new structure to house this growing, Christ centered, Bible based, local church ministry. If we stay where we are now, our church will die.”
Jim C. Burns, Sr. Pastor
Fred Heimann
Building Committee Chairman
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